AFA Systems’ Packaging Machine of the Month: The MK-APS

The MK-APS Autoload Cartoner, with the labour-saving speed and convenience of automatic packaging, adds the efficiency of automated product handling and loading systems. Custom engineered to your product, The MK-APS Cartoner uses a barrel cam loading apparatus that allows for continuous loading and higher speeds. The efficient design of the MK-APS Cartoner is complete with all safety features and no carton-no load interlocks.

Timing Screw Infeed System
High speed bottle infeed with quick change timing screw coupling to allow for quick and accurate bottle size change over. The screw times the bottle with the article bucket. Speeds up to 240 CPM are well within the Cartoners range.

Rotary Carton Feeder
Square Cartons are always difficult to erect, particularly at high speeds. The Reverse Servo Driven Feeder with Pre Break Vacuum Cup System can erect square cartons at extremely high efficiency.

Sliding Style Article Buckets
The Sliding Style Bucket is cam actuated which moves the complete bucket to the crease line of the carton. This feature ensures that all the contents of the bucket (including the leaflets) are loaded into the carton. Each bucket is individually adjusted for quick and accurate size changeover.

Other Features
Detection Systems are available as well as various bar code, open flap and leaflet detection and rejection systems.