CE-GRT - Carton Erector with Gantry Robot Loader


The CE-GRT - Carton Erector with Gantry Robot Loader is a robust and compact integrated packaging system. The CE-GRT features a unique combination of carton erecting and gantry robot technology. Two systems are typically needed to perform carton erecting and gantry loading. These two processes are included in one system: the CE-GRT. This unique feature reduces the overall footprint and lowers integration costs. Furthermore, the CE-GRT can handle auto bottom cartons and unique pack patterns with ease. Custom designed in-feed systems can be tailored to fit your existing production lines and your product. Rust proof stainless steel construction, servo motors on main drives, and reject systems are also featured on the CE-GRT.

Carton erector Carton erector can be used for auto-bottom, glue style, and tuck style cartons
The ultra compact CE-GRT The ultra compact CE-GRT allows you to save valuable floor space
Gantry Robot Technology Different pack patterns are able to run on the CE-GRT
AB PanelView HMI Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI
Carton Magazine Carton Magazine is situated at a low level for easy operator filling

Optional Features of the CE-GRT

Applications of the CE-GRT

  • Bags of Product
  • Bottles
  • Rolls of Product
  • Jars of Product
  • Miscellaneous Product (i.e. headphones)

Process Diagram

CE-GRT Cartoner Process

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