HD-RSP - Heavy Duty Integrated Robotic Cartoner


The HD-RSP - Heavy Duty Integrated Robotic Cartoner is a compact sachet cartoner that utilizes Codian Delta 3 robots to pick, orient and collate product from upstream equipment. A vision system is used to find the correct pick position for the Fanuc Delta 3 robot. Typically product applications are sachets, pouches, bags, bars, and stick packs. This system is ideal for projects that require multiple packages in a carton. The HD-RSP also features the Sure-Load Carton Closing SystemTM which is a unique flap closing and sealing system. With the Sure-Load, the carton is completely enclosed during machine indexing which guarantees the product array will remain in the carton. With the addition of a reverse loading mechanism, overhead confiner and sliding loading funnel, your product will be accurately loaded with this sachet cartoner with zero catch points. In addition, this cartoner can achieve speeds greater than 400 ppm.

With the use of Allen Bradley Controls, High Quality Workmanship and Codian Robot Technology, the HD-RSP provides high end cartoning technology which significantly improves your production line efficiency and increases the quality of your packaging.

Delta 3 Robots Delta 3 Robots add flexibility and high speed collation at up to 520ppm
Loading Funnels with servo driven pushers Loading Funnels with servo driven pushers end load product into the carton
Integrated vision system Integrated vision system sends feedback to the Delta 3 robot to ensure center pick and places
AB PanelView HMI Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI
Heavy Duty Frame Heavy Duty Frame ensures stable operation at high speeds and long life

Optional Features of the HD-RSP

  • Sure-LoadTM Carton Closing
  • Stacked Chain Arrangement
  • Overhead Squaring Chain
  • Prebreak Carton Opening
  • All Axis Servo Changeover

Applications of the HD-RSP

  • Bars of Product
  • Snack Foods
  • Health Products
  • Stick Packs
  • Flow Wrap Product

Process Diagram

HD-RSP Cartoner Process

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