MK-STK Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner

MK-STK - Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner

The MK-STK - Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner is a new innovation by AFA Systems specifically developed to handle stick pack products. It has the ability to handle any product count with its innovative SUBO pick, group and place tooling system. This stick pack cartoner also features the Sure-Load Carton Closing SystemTM which ensures product counts remain in the carton during machinery indexing. With its small footprint and Allen Bradley control system, the MK-STK - Stick Pack Cartoner can ensure high packaging efficiency with your stick pack applications. The MK-STK - Stick Pack Cartoner main product features are shown below:

  • Ability to handle a wide variety of carton sizes
  • Standard No Product, No Carton, No Load feature
  • Stainless steel main drive shafts
  • Robust frame and materials for quiet and efficient operation
  • PLC controls with Panelview touch screen operator station
  • Quick change adjustments and changeover to cut production costs

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