VL-ILC - Intermittent Motion Inline Bottle Cartoner Machine


How many times you find it difficult to precisely set numbers of bottles into one carton? Most of the times, right? But this concern that most of the businesses face can be solved with the help of Bottle Cartoner Machine. We at afasystemsinc.com deals in different kind of Bottle Cartoner machinery which can efficiently set bottles accurately in a carton.

If you are a developing business and looking forward to include automation within your business, then nothing can make your work as easy as bottle Cartoner Machine does. Find an exclusive range of work-ready machineries only at afasystemsinc.com!!

Case/Carton Erecting System Case/Carton Erecting System presents cases/cartons in a vertical orientation for top loading
Heavy Duty Frame Heavy Duty Frame ensures stable operation at high speeds and long operating life
Innovative Infeed Systems The VL-ILC features innovative infeed systems that are suitable for your product application
AB PanelView HMI Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more
Case/Carton Erecting, Top Loading and Top Sealing The VL-ILC provides case/carton erecting and bottom sealing, top loading, and top sealing on one monobloc frame

Optional Features of the VL-ILC

Applications of the VL-ILC

  • Bags of Product
  • Bottles
  • Flow-wrapped Product
  • Jars of Product
  • Miscellaneous Product (i.e. headphones)

Process Diagram

VV-VLC Cartoner Process

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