CE-CEB - Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer

Case Erectors

The CE-CEB - Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer is an excellent addition to your production line. The CE-CEB will automatically erect a case and then seal the case bottom. You have the option of either hot melt glue or tape closure. In addition, the compact design of the CE-CEB can allow for flexibility when integrating the system into your production line to meet customer requests. Furthermore, the CE-CEB will erect difficult corrugated cases with ease and with minimal rejections. Stainless steel construction provides longevity and a clean look. Easily maintainable and fast and accurate changeover are standard on the CE-CEB. Add value to your production line with the CE-CEB.

Reciprocating Carton Feeder Reciprocating Carton Feeder positively erects cases on bottom sealer
Ultra compact CE-CEB The ultra compact CE-CEB allows you to save valuable floor space
MicroLogix PLC MicroLogix PLC is available on the CE-CEB
AB Light Tower Red for down situations, yellow for low level magazine, green for normal operation
Magazine Sensor Magazine sensor included to indicate low-level magazine

Optional Features of the CE-CEB

  • Casters
  • Wash-down Construction
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Glue or Tape Closure
  • Quick Changeover Options

Applications of the CE-CEB

  • Chipboard Cartons
  • RSC Cases
  • HSC Cases
  • Auto-bottom Cartons
  • Double-Wall RSC

Process Diagram

CE-CEB Case Erector Process

Videos on the CE-CEB

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