CS-TOP - Vertical Carton/Case Top Sealer

Case Sealers

The CS-TOP - Vertical Carton/Case Top Sealer is a robust and heavy duty top sealer that can ensure high packaging efficiency and operator satisfaction. Cases or cartons come from upstream equipment and are seamlessly transferred to the top sealer. A Festo pneumatic or AB Servo kicker ploughs the trailing minor flap while folding rails close the leading minor flap and major flaps. The top sealer will then close the top of the case via glue or tape.

The CS-TOP uses a Nordson ProBlue Adhesive Unit for glue closures and a DEKKA tape unit for tape closures. The unit features an Allen Bradley PLC unit for improved fault diagnostics, set up, and changeover. Also, the top sealer uses servo motors on all major actuated components. The CS-TOP has the option of fully automatic changeover through the use of AB Servo Motors. Improve your line efficiency with the robust and efficient CS-TOP.

Custom Infeed Solutions The CS-TOP can integrate with a wide range of upstream machinery
Servo Changeover The CS-TOP can complete all dimensional changeovers in under one minute
RSC Cases or Chipboard Cartons RSC Cases and/or Chipboard Cartons can be run on the CS-TOP
Intuitive screens Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, pack pattern changes and more
Glue or Tape Closure The CS-TOP can run either glue or tape style RSCs

Optional Features of the CS-TOP

Applications of the CS-TOP

Process Diagram

CS-TOP Case Sealer Process

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