TR-QCR - The TransrectorTM All Servo Changeover Case Erector

Case Erectors

The TR-QCR - The TransrectorTM All Servo Changeover Case Erector provides the ultimate benefits in case erecting flexibility. The TransrectorTM features an all servo controlled changeover. With a push of a button all the dimensions on the case and pattern formation are changed. In addition, the TransrectorTM incorporates a Flat Stack MagazineTM and Cartesian Robot case erecting technology. This unique combination eliminates tabs and pins on the magazine for fast and repeatable changeover. Therefore, no adjustment of the tabs and pins is required. The Cartesian Robot case pick and erect system is extremely positive and not susceptible to case damage and warpage due to side seam glue issues. All of these features combine to maximize the Transrector's overall operating efficiency.

Extremely positive cartesian robot case erector Extremely positive cartesian robot case erector eliminates low quality erecting caused by inconsistent manufacturing glue joints
Servo Changeover The TR-QCR can complete all dimensional changeovers in under one minute
FlatStack Magazine Simply place case stacks on the FlatStack Magazine and the TR-QCR does the rest
Intuitive screens Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, pack pattern changes and more
Glue or Tape Closure The TR-QCR can run either glue or tape style RSCs

Optional Features of the TR-QCR

Applications of the TR-QCR

  • Chipboard Cartons
  • RSC Cases
  • HSC Cases
  • Auto-bottom Cartons
  • Double-Wall RSC

Process Diagram

TR-QCR Case Erector Process

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