MP-CCP - Compact Intermittent Motion Case Packer

case packer

The MP-CCP - Compact Intermittent Motion Case Packer features a compact design that can easily integrate into your production line while incurring a small footprint. The efficiently designed MP-CCP minimizes the amount of components used resulting in lower overall operating costs. The MP-CCP's easy to use HMI screens will allow operators to easily pinpoint machine problems and ensure smooth operation. All main drives of the MP-CCP are servo driven which ensures fewer jams, improved fault diagnostics, and quiet operation. Stainless steel construction increases corrosion resistance and the MK-CCP has a modular design for future product endeavors. USDA approved machinery painted parts and safety guarding are standard on the MP-CCP.

Reciprocating case erector MP-CCP's reciprocating case erector is ideal for handling small dimensional cases
AFA can engineer a wide range of loading systems AFA can engineer a wide range of loading systems to handle your specific application
Loading funnels Loading funnels actuate to the crease line of the case which eliminates catch points
AB PanelView HMI Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more
Bottom and top case sealing The MP-CCP can handle either tape or glue closures

Optional Features of the MP-CCP

Applications of the MP-CCP

  • Cartons of Product
  • Bags of Product
  • Cans of Product
  • Flowwrap Product
  • VFFS Product

Process Diagram

MP-CCP Case Packer Process

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