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The MK-STK – Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner is an innovation by AFA Systems specifically developed to handle stick pack products. It can handle any product count with its innovative SUBO pick, group, and place tooling system. This stick pack cartoner also features the Sure-Load Carton Closing System™ which ensures product counts remain in the carton during machinery indexing. With its small footprint and Allen Bradley control system, the MK-STK – Stick Pack Cartoner can ensure high packaging efficiency with your stick pack applications.

The MK-STK also can be designed to connect with any upstream stick pack system such as Ropac, Sanko, and more. For higher speed applications, the MK-STK can utilize an AFA Delta 3 Robot to collate stick packs. The MK-STK can also handle glue, tuck, or both style carton closures. Additional features such as remote VPN, PanelView 1000 HMI, and extended 4′ or 8′ magazines can be included on the MK-STK stick pack cartoner.

Servo Driven Rotary Feeder

Can complete intermittent or continuous motion operation.

Innovative Sure-Load Carton Closing

Ensures stick packs do not fall out during intermittent motion operation.

Intuitive PanelView HMI

Easily troubleshoot the MK-STK through AFA's user-friendly screens.

Custom Infeed System

Integrate with any stick-pak system with the MK-STK.

Stack Chain Arrangement

Ability to handle small depth cartons.

Extended Magazines

Limits operator intervention.

Remote Operator Station

Provides operators with better optics to aid in set-up and troubleshooting.

Overhead Squaring Chain

Ensures cartons with long widths are accurately squared, improving overall packaging quality.

Prebreak Carton Opening

Handles square cartons with ease as the carton will be prebroken slightly before placement into the main chain conveyor.

Changeover Features

Optional changeover features such as SIKO Counters, Servo Length Adjustment, and more.

Bars of Product

Multi-packs can easily be handled by the MK-STK at speeds over 520 ppm.

Snack Foods

Customized infeed systems with ability to handle a wide variety of snack food products.

Health Products

The MK-STK can be designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Stick Packs

Features on the MK-STK allow for high-speed intermittent motion without the risk of stick packs falling out.

Multi-Count Applications

The MK-STK can be designed to handle any product count.

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