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The AF-PLT – Gantry Robot Palletizing System is a compact, robust palletizer that offers perfect load handling and positioning. The AF-PLT positions cases, cartons, shrink-wrapped products, and other product applications in a perfect orientation, therefore no additional processes are needed to ensure a square pallet. Also, the AF-PLT’s modular design allows the machine to be easily integrated into your production line. The AF-PLT has a clean and open design, which allows operators to perform maintenance tasks easily. The AF-PLT is also servo-driven, which helps improve fault diagnostics and ensure smooth operation. The AF-PLT is a perfect complement to your packaging line as it provides a quick return on investment by decreasing labour costs.

Furthermore, the AF-PLT comes standard with VPN remote diagnostic system, Allen Bradley PLC, and PanelView touchscreen HMI. The gantry robot palletizer also has optional features such as slip-sheet loading systems, pallet dispensers, and pallet discharge conveyor. 


Key Features

Gantry Robot Pick and Place Robot

Three axis modular gantry robotic palletizers are ideally suited for palletizing cases, trays and cartons.

Heavy Duty Frame

For stable, 24/7 operation.

Small Footprint

Offers a very small footprint compared to traditional robotic palletizers.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more.

Safety Features

The AF-PLT is designed to pass all North American machinery safety regulations. It can also be adapted to meet international safety standards.

Optional Features

Optional Support Equipment

Bar code readers, labellers, ink jet printers and much more can be added.

Pallet Dispenser

Can be included to eliminate manual placements of pallets.

Virtual Private Network

Allow programmers to access the PLC to complete remote troubleshooting activities.

Discharge Roller Conveyor

Discharge conveyor with turn table for ensuring proper orientation of pallet.

Slip Sheet Inserter and Magazine

Features a compact design and easy set up.


Cases of Product

The AF-PLT can handle multiple types of pallet configuration for cases.

Trays of Product

The AF-PLT can handle multiple types of pallet configuration for trays.

Bags of Product

Large bags of product can be handled by the AF-PLT's customized end effector.

Pails of Product

Handle over 25 kg pails of product with the AF-PLT's Gantry Robot.

Cans of Product

Handle over 25 kg cans of product with the AF-PLT's Gantry Robot.

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