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The AC-VPA – FILO Vertical Product Accumulator is a first in last out (FILO) vertical product accumulator. The AC-VPA can accumulate a large volume of cartons or other product so operators can diagnose downstream machine faults and still have upstream machinery in production. This feature allows you to save time and increase your overall packaging efficiency. Also, the AC-VPA features a pass through design meaning that the machine will only function when needed. This feature reduces energy consumption while not impacting overall operating efficiency as the accumulator will not slow down your line. Robust stainless steel construction, servo motors on main drives, and full safety guarding are all standard on the AC-VPA.

Key Features

Vertical Orientation

Reduces the machine's footprint on your production floor, allowing for greater flexibility.

Custom Infeed/Discharge

AFA will design the infeed/discharge to seamlessly integrate with your upstream and downstream equipment.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, pack pattern changes and more.

Modular Design

Allows it to integrate with a wide variety of upstream/downstream processes.

AB Servo Motors

All major motions on the AC-VPA are controlled by AB servo motors.

Optional Features

Virtual Private Network

Allow programmers to access the PLC to make necessary changes through a VPN.

Wash-down Construction

The AC-VPA can be constructed using stainless steel or equivalent for wash-down capability.

Customized Infeed Conveyors

To handle multiple product types.

Remote Operator Station

Can be used to improve operator optics and troubleshooting.

Quick Changeover Options

Siko counters, ratchet handles, and visual scales can all be added to aid in changeover.


Cartons of Product

Set up the AC-VPA between your cartoner and case packer.

Rolls of Product

Can easily be accumulated with the AC-VPA.

Bags of Product

Integrate the AC-VPA between your baggers and downstream cartoner or case packing system.

Cases of Product

Integrate the AC-VPA between your case packers and downstream palletizing system.

Trays of Product

Integrate the AC-VPA between your tray packers and downstream palletizing system.

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