CF-RTS – Corrugated Robotic tray former 

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The CF-RTS features compact tray forming that can function at high speeds. The tray former utilizes a gantry robot to form trays through the female tool at high-efficiency rates. The system can run a wide variety of trays, including selflocking and glue style closures. A flat-stack ergonomic tray magazine automatically squares the tray stack before the gantry robot picks the tray for forming. Also, all-servo change over is available on the CF-RTS for under five-minute change over. A Nordson ProBlue Flex adhesive unit with SureBead glue guns ensures consistent closures. The system uses Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Allen Bradley Kinetix Servo Drives, and MP Series Servo Motors.

Key Features

AFA Robot Tray Former

Gantry robot technology to form trays at over 25 tpm.

Closing Technology

The CF-RTS can handle glue or lock style tray closures.

Tray Former

The female forming tool is flexible to handle a wide range of tray sizes.

Compact Footprint

The CF-RTS features a very compact footprint for easy integration.

Quick Changeover

Changeover is completed by simply replacing the mandrel head and adjusting the folding rails.

Optional Features

Optional Support Equipment

Bar code readers, labellers, ink jet printers and much more can be added.

Quick Changeover Options

Siko counters, ratchet handles, and visual scales can all be added to aid in changeover.

Virtual Private Network

Allow programmers to access the PLC to complete remote troubleshooting activities.

Remote Operator Station

Remote operator station can be used to improve operator optics and troubleshooting.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows extremely quick changeover.


Bottles of Product

The MK-RTS provides a compact solution for bottles of product.

Jars of Product

Can easily be collated and packaged with the MK-RTS.

Tubs of Product

Can easily be collated and packaged with the MK-RTS.

Cartons of Product

Package multipacks of cartons with the MK-RTS.

Canisters of Product

The MK-RTS has been engineered to handle canisters of product at high efficiency rates.

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