Past Articles

2008 nov

AFA at the 2008 Chicago Pack Expo

AFA Nordale is at the 2008 Chicago Pack Expo

Adept Technology is the leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics ...

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2007 dec

AFA has moved

AFA Systems has moved to a new location

AFA has moved to a new Brampton, ON location...

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2004 feb

Article on AFA Nordale

Automate Now - Logical Evolution

Programmable logic control and other cutting-edge automation technologies...

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2003 dec

Packaging Innovation

Outstanding Packages of 2003

Packaging merges convenience with distinctive appearance to attract consumer attention...

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2003 may

The Perfect Popper

Packaging Innovation with 'Pop'

Family Time's primary package becomes the 'bowl' at snack time...

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