News - 2009

AFA Systems has established a research and development department

AFA Systems has now established a new research and development department to further AFA's commitment to providing optimal solutions to clients. AFA has recently hired Ryan Radu, Mechanical Engineer, to help facilitate the implementation of new products and processes.

R&D Engineer

The new department has already been making progress in the casepacking, cartoning, and case forming field. New technologies are already out in the field and have proven to be efficient and effective designs. Ultimately, this new department will provide many benefits to end users. AFA realizes that certain cartons need a custom machinery solution for efficient packaging. And we also realize that certain new cartons have non standardized designs. That's were AFAs Research and Development can engineer new designs and processes to help with your packaging needs. Over the years, AFA has developed custom solutions for customers unique problems. Now with our new R&D department, AFA will strive to be the first mover when it comes to new packaging technology.

AFA Research and Development

Please contact us if you would like more information on AFA Systems' Research and Development Department.

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