The MK-BIB – Bag in Box Autoload Cartoner is a robust packaging system capable of speeds of up to 200 cpm. This economical cartoner is most suitable for vertical form fill seal bags for applications such as cereal, milk powder, nutritional supplements, and much more. The cartoner can easily changeover with many single point adjustments. Upgrades to fully servo automatic changeover are available which further reduce changeover time. Many supplementary equipment can be easily retrofitted to the MK-BIB including Laser/Ink Jet Printers, Scoop Feeders, Leaflet Feeders, Checkweighers, and more. Sliding buckets are used for carton loading which eliminate catch points and ensure positive loading. The cartoner also has a very small footprint to ensure flexibility in end user’s manufacturing facilities.

Key Features

Servo Driven Rotary Carton Feeder

Provides easy setup and changeover.

Allen Bradley Servo Drives

Improves fault diagnostics and flexibility.

Allen Bradley PLC

MicroLogix or CompactLogix PLC are available on the MK-BIB.

Servo Driven Barrel Cam Loading System

Bosch-Rexroth Linear Rail Blocks and Allen Bradley Servo Drive used to ensure minimal wear and high performance.

Customized Infeed Systems

Dual Servo Driven Drop Gate System accurately places bags of product into the article buckets.

Optional Features

Push Button Changeover Technology

Servo motors can be introduced on adjustment points for quick and repeatable changeover.

Extended Magazines

8ft or 4ft extended magazines are available to reduce operator intervention.

Overhead Squaring Chain

Ensures cartons with long widths are accurately squared, improving overall packaging quality.

Glue or Tuck Closure

The MK-BIB can be set up to handle glue or tuck closures.

Continuous Motion Overhead Confiner

Overhead confiner used to compress product to ensure positive loading into tight cartons.


Milk Powder

The MK-BIB can handle bags of milk powder at over 120ppm and with scoop feeders.


Continuous motion cereal applications with wide size range and fast changeover.

Nutritional Supplements

The MK-BIB can easily integrate with your upstream baggers.

Health Products

Single or dual lanes to handle your bags of health product.

Frozen Foods

The MK-BIB can handle bags of product even larger than the carton.

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