MK-CTP - Intermittent Motion Tray Loader

Tray Packers

The MK-CTP - Intermittent Motion Tray Loader is a compact and flexible machine. "No Tools" fine tuning, with quick release ratchet handles on key adjustment points provides quick changeover capabilities. The positive tray or wrap around case handling capabilities provide high operating efficiencies. Servo controlled on all major drive positions maximizes up-time and minimizes maintenance and machine downtime. The MK-CTP can handle a wide variety of product applications, tray sizes, and pack patterns. Stainless steel construction, U.H.M.W. chain rails, and No Product, No Tray, No Load are standard providing numerous benefits such as long machine life and quiet, efficient operation..

MK-CTP completes all three of these processes The MK-CTP completes all three of these processes on one compact machine
Servo driven loader Product is loaded via a servo driven loader for accurate positioning and high-speeds
Festo Pneumatic Tray Erector Festo Pneumatic Tray Erector for simple, efficient tray erection
AB PanelView HMI Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more
Stainless steel construction Stainless steel construction increases corrosion resistance and the MK-CTP has a modular design for future retrofits or projects

Optional Features of the CF-GTE

Applications of the MK-CTP

  • Bottles of Product
  • Jars of Product
  • Tubs of Product
  • Cartons of Product
  • Canisters of Product

Process Diagram

MK-CTP Tray Packer Process

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