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AFA offers a wide range of solutions to help your production line improve overall operating efficiency. Please see our list of solutions that AFA currently offers.


Whether you’re looking for horizontal cartoners, vertical cartoners, or sleevers, we can customize each machine to your specifications.

Case Packer

Case Packers

Whether you’re looking for top load case packers, end load case packers, or wrap around case packers, we can customize each machine to your specifications.

Tray and Carton Formers

Tray Formers and Carton Formers are essential machines for your production line. AFA Systems’ tray formers and carton formers are robust machines that produce strong and square trays and cartons that help increase customer satisfaction and reduce line downtime. AFA’s tray and carton formers typically use mandrel heads to plow the tray or carton through a series of folding rails.

Tray and Carton Formers

Tray Packers

Tray Packers typically erect a tray through the use of a reciprocating feeder and a series of lugs. The product is then collated into the proper pack pattern and then side loaded into the erected tray. Once the tray is filled with product the flaps are closed and sealed using either a glue or tuck method.


Palletizers are used to automatically load cases, bags, tubs, cans, or cartons onto skids. Product will typically come down a conveyor and accumulate into the loading station. A cartesian or Fanuc robot pick and place system will then pick the carton or case and place it on the skid. This process is repeated until the skid’s pack pattern is obtained. The skid is then discharged downstream for further processing.

Case Erectors and Sealers

Case erectors and sealers are typically used in conjection of an end load or top load case packer. A case erector and sealer will erect a case and then either glue, tuck or tape the bottom. The case is then discharged downstream for further processing. Case erectors and sealers are used in a wide variety of industries including cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and household cleaning products.

Feeders and Denestors

Feeders and denestors can be used for a variety of applications. Typical applications include placing and fastening lids on trays, placing and orienting trays onto conveyors, placing leaflets inside cases, cartons, or sleeves, and closing and fastening lids attached to trays.

Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems can help make your production line more efficient and flexible. AFA has partnered with Codian Robotics to provide a wide variety of robotic solutions for your packaging needs. Robotic systems can quickly and accurately orient and pack the most difficult product applications. Some examples of difficult product applications include packing trays of stick pack gum or orienting granola bars. In addition, robotic systems can be flexible to handle multiple product applications.

Product Accumulators

Product Accumulators are used to keep a line running when downstream machine problems are occurring. This process helps production lines improve overall operating efficiency and decrease costs. AFA can provide a wide variety of product accumulators including Vertical FIFO (First In First Out) Accumulators and Vertical FILO (First In Last Out) Accumulators.

Used Machinery

See the different used machinery that AFA has in stock. Please note that AFA can customize each machine to your specifications.

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