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Whether you’re looking for horizontal cartoners, vertical cartoners, or sleevers, we can customize each machine to your specifications.

Horizontal / End Load Cartoners

Horizontal Cartoners or End Load Cartoners typically pick a blank carton from a stack of cartons and erect it. After, the cartoner will horizontally fill the carton through the open end with product. The cartoner will finally close the open flaps through either an adhesive or tuck method. This type of cartoner can be set up for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic cartoning.

Horizontal/End Load Cartoner

Vertical Cartoners

Vertical Cartoners or Top Load Cartoners will pick a blank carton from a carton magazine and erect it. The cartoner will then vertically load the carton with product through the use of a cartesian or Delta 3 robot. The open flaps are then sealed through either an adhesive or tuck method. The vertical cartoner can run continuously or intermittently.


Sleevers typically pick and erect a sleeve type carton from a sleeve magazine. The product is then either vertically or horizontally loaded into the sleeve. The sleeve is sealed through an adhesive or tuck method. Leaflets and/or coupons are usually prevalent with sleeve type packages. Sleevers can also be designed to run in wet environments.

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