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Below are the different horizontal cartoner models that AFA offers. Please note that AFA can customize each horizontal cartoner machine to match your specifications.

HD-CMA – Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner

The HD-CMA Cartoner is ideal for high demand product applications. The HD-CMA Cartoner can achieve speeds up to 300 cartons per minute. An innovative product orientator will automatically position the product to your specification.

HD-CMA - Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner
Intermittent Motion Autoload Cartoner

HD-IMA – Heavy Duty Intermittent Motion Autoload Cartoner

Fully automatic horizontal cartoning system that provides maximum efficiency when cartoning your product. This heavy-duty intermittent motion cartoner can complete high-speed multipack cartoning applications with ease and precision.

HD-LSP – Heavy Duty Linear Servopack Autoload Cartoner

The HD-LSP Horizontal Cartoner is a robust cartoner that can handle high-speed applications with ease. Capable of handling over 400 products per minute, the HD-LSP Cartoner has patent-pending technology incorporated into its design.

Stickpack Cartoner

HD-RSP – Integrated Robotic Cartoner

The HD-RSP Horizontal Cartoner is a compact cartoner that utilizes Fanuc M1i-A or AFA Delta 3 robots to pick, orient, and collate product from upstream equipment. A vision system is used to find the correct pick position for the Delta 3 robot.

MK-500 – Compact Manual Load Cartoner

The MK-500 cartoner provides an ultra-compact footprint for your cartoning needs. The system features an Allen Bradley controls system and standard category 3 safety. The machine can be mounted on casters for improved portability.

MK-CML – Horizontal Manual Load Cartoner

The MK-CML Cartoner brings the labor-saving, speed, and convenience of automatic packaging to every business, large or small. From erecting to closing and sealing, the MK-CML Cartoner produces square cartons. Also, this cartoner can run tuck and glue style cartons.

MK-SML – Servo Manual Load Cartoner

The MK-SML Cartoner features servo-driven capabilities to bring speed, quality, and flexibility to your cartoning operations. Versatile controls provide either preset packing cycles or direct operator control to handle the most complex product configurations.

MK-APS – Automatic Product Handling System

The MK-APS features custom-engineered cartoner technology for your unique packaging needs. AFA Systems’ engineers will design the machine to fit with your carton and product. This cartoner will give you a competitive advantage in terms of packaging design and technology.

MK-BIB – Automatic Horizontal End Load Bag in Box Cartoner

The MK-BIB Cartoner will bring speed, consistency, and reliability to your bag in box cartoning application. Servo controls and innovative designs allow this cartoner to handle the most complex bag in box applications. Furthermore, the cartoner can be set up to handle multiple lanes of product.

MK-CMA – Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner

The MK-CMA Cartoner provides semi-automated or fully automated cartoning to handle your unique application. All major actuated components are servo driven on the MK-CMA Cartoner. The cartoner can also be designed to run in a wet environment with stainless steel construction.

MK-DLT – Integrated Delta 3 Robotic Cartoner

The MK-DLT Cartoner utilizes an AFA Delta 3 robot that is driven by an Allen Bradley control system. This feature gives the end-user a single machine control system instead of integrating third-party robotics into the cartoner. Overall, this allows for a reduction in service and training costs.

MK-ISP – Intermittent Motion Servopack Cartoner

The MK-ISP Cartoner offers servo control technology and a small footprint. The MK-ISP Cartoner can be designed to operate in any environment, including wet, cold, or humid. Furthermore, servopack collating technology allows you to handle multi-packs and run high-speed cartoning applications.

MK-LSP – Compact Cartoner with Linear Servo Pack

The MK-LSP Cartoner is beneficial for companies looking to minimize floor space and have an efficient cartoner. This cartoner can be set-up to handle tubes, pouches, stick-packs, bars, and more. All servo change over is an option on the MK-LSP Cartoner.

MK-SAC – Sub Compact IM Autoload Cartoner

The MK-SAC Cartoner is an ultra-compact cartoner that can handle a wide range of product applications. The MK-SAC Cartoner is ideal for intermittent motion applications and can include a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic infeed system.

MK-SBA – Sliding Bucket Autoload Cartoner

The speed, durability, and reliability of the MK-SBA Cartoner make it the ideal choice for all your sleeve or carton packaging needs. From the food industry to the pharma industry, the MK-SBA Cartoner provides flexibility at an economical price.

MK-STK – Intermittent Motion Stick Pack Cartoner

The MK-STK Cartoner is a new development from AFA System specifically developed to handle stick pack products. It can handle any product count with its innovative SUBO pick, group, and place tooling system. The cartoner can integrate with a wide variety of upstream systems.

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