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Palletizers are used to automatically load cases, bags, tubs, cans, or cartons onto skids. Product will typically come down a conveyor and accumulate into the loading station. A cartesian or Fanuc robot pick and place system will then pick the carton or case and place it on the skid. This process is repeated until the skid’s pack pattern is obtained. The skid is then discharged downstream for further processing.

Below are the different palletizer models that AFA Systems offers. Please note that AFA can customize each machine to your specifications.

AF-PLT – Gantry Robot Palletizing System

The AF-PLT – Gantry Palletizer is a compact, robust palletizer that offers perfect load handling and positioning. This Gantry Palletizer positions cases, cartons, shrink wrapped products and other product applications in a perfect orientation.

Gantry Robot Palletizer

PL-FRB – Pick and Place Robotic Palletizer

The PL-FRB – Robotic Palletizer is a combination of AFA’s extensive knowledge in providing custom engineered solutions and Fanuc’s high end robotic technology. Moreover, this highly flexible palletizer can seamlessly be integrated into end user’s lines.

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