AFA Systems has recently shipped a reconditioned Klockner-Bartelt Horizontal Cartoner

AFA has recently shipped a reconditioned Klockner-Bartelt Horizontal Cartoner. AFA added a sliding bucket automatic infeed system to the cartoner to provide automation to the customer’s packaging line. To ensure high speeds and accurate carton placement an AFA designed rotary feeder was retrofitted to the cartoner. AFA also integrated count sensors and open flap detection sensors. These project examples show AFA’s expert capability in retrofitting and reconditioning used cartoners. The end result of the project was an efficient and cost effective solution for the customer. Main Features of the reconditioned Klockner-Bartelt Horizontal Cartoner are listed below:

  • Rapid single point depth adjustment with line shaft and ball screw assemblies
  • Four chain carton carriers with #40 chain arranged in pairs for low maintenance or continuous heavy duty applications
  • Automatic infeed system with sliding style article buckets.
  • Siko digital readouts on shaft adjustments to assist in completing fast and accurate carton changeovers
  • Perimeter guarding with electrical interlocks
  • Extended Magazine
  • Sliding style buckets are cam actuated which ensures the bucket is at the crease line of the carton.

AFA supports what it sells. Every reconditioned machine is set up and tested with the customer’s product. You will not be left owning an unusable piece of machinery.