AFA Systems has shipped its new AF-APS to Rockline Industries
AFA Systems has recently shipped its new AF-APS – Automatic Product Handling System to Rockline Industries. Rockline Industries is a global, world class manufacturer of premium products for both branded and private label categories. The AF-APS offers the efficiency and quality of automated product handling and loading into your production line. The AF-APS is custom engineered to your product resulting in a unique solution that will meet your automation objectives. The AF-APS uses servo motor drives that reduce the number of mechanical components which decreases the machines footprint. Other benefits of servo motors include longer life and quiet, efficient operation, improved fault diagnostic capabilities, and higher speeds. The efficient design of the AF-APS comes complete with all safety features and with the no carton-no load feature that detects missing product before the loading procedure. Main Features of the AF-APS – Automatic Product Handling System are listed below:

  • Special infeed systems can be designed and integrated by AFA’s team of engineers
  • AFA can retrofit labelers, printers, and other components to meet the customer’s needs
  • Detection systems that significantly increase customer satisfaction and improve quality control
  • PLC Controls with panelview touch screen operator station