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The VC-IMC – Vertical Manual Load Cartoner is a robust and heavy-duty cartoner that can ensure high packaging efficiency and operator satisfaction. The carton magazine is easily adjustable, and optional scales and ratchet handles can be used to provide quick changeover. Low machine noise and smooth operation are achieved through the use of servo motors on all major drive components. All screen layouts on the HMI promote high functionality for operators as they can easily access key information such as fault diagnostics, machine operation statistics, product changeover, and safety information. The VC-IMC will provide safe and reliable cartoning technology to your production line, and we will ensure that your line operating efficiencies will improve.

Also, the VC-IMC can feature one, two, or three operator loading stations to increase the overall speed of the vertical cartoner. Intermittent or continuous motion operation is available to suit your specific needs. An Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC controls all the VC-IMC’s functions. The system has the option to feature all servo-driven changeover.

Key Features

Vertical Rotary Feeder

Ensures positive cartoner openings onto carton carrier conveyor.

Heavy Duty Frame

Ensures stable operation at high speeds and long operating life.

Manual Load Station

Can be set up to accommodate a large number of loading operators.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more.

Easy Set Up and Changeover

Easily changeover and set up different carton sizes on the VC-IMC.

Optional Features

Vertical Extended Magazines

Available to limit operator intervention.

Open Flap Detection

Cartons with open flaps will automatically be rejected off the line.

Swing Arm HMI

Improves operator optics and trouble shooting.

Mounting Locations for Optional Equipment

Code daters, ink/laser jet printers, and bar code readers can all be mounted on the VC-IMC.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows extremely quick turnover.


Bags of Product

Multi-bag applications can easily be manually top loaded by the VC-IMC.


Bottles of product can manually top loaded for low-speed applications.

Rolls of Product

The VC-IMC can handle rows of product with a variety of pack patterns.

Jars of Product

Top load unique jar pack patterns.

Miscellaneous Product

Headphones, water filters, and other difficult to handle products can be top loaded.

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