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Below is a complete list of AFA Systems’ products and services line. You can access brochures on our products and services by clicking on the appropriate product segment below.

Vertical / Top Load Cartoners

AFA’s Vertical/Top Load Cartoners are compact units that can easily integrate into your production line. Our Vertical/Top Load Cartoners feature the innovative Rotary turret loading system, which replaces the traditional racetrack style autoload modules.

HD-LSP - Linear Servopack Cartoner

Horizontal / End Load Cartoners

Our Horizontal/End Load Cartoners provide the ultimate flexibility for your carton packing needs. Innovations such as push button changeover technology and the Sure-Load Carton Closing System can be seen on our Horizontal/End Load Cartoners.

Top Load Case Packers

We can provide stand-alone Top Load Case Packers or provide the innovative CP-TLG Top Load Case Erector and Packer, which can complete the erecting, bottom sealing, loading, and top-sealing process all on one machine.

End Load Case Packers

End Load Case Packers are a great way to reduce your case packing footprint. We offer the TR-QCP Transrector Series Robotic Case Packer, which uses Gantry Robot technology for the case erecting, loading, and sealing process.

Wrap Around Case Packers

Wrap Around Case Packers typically use gantry robot case erectors for handling the case. The benefits of using wrap-around cases include the case magazine can hold twice as many cases as typical RSCs. Also, wrap-around cases offer greater column strength and help pallet efficiencies.

Tray Packers

AFA’s Tray Packers are leading edge when it comes to performance and innovation. Our MK-CTP Compact Intermittent Motion Tray Packer can complete tray erecting, loading and sealing all on the same machine.

Case Erectors / Sealers

AFA can provide high-speed case erectors that can run at over 35 cases per minute. In addition, our CE-TRS Transrector All Servo Changeover Case Erector can complete case changeovers in under one minute.

Carton / Tray Formers

Our Carton/Tray Formers have only one change part when completing changeovers, which ensures fast and repeatable changeover. In addition, our Carton/Tray Formers incur a small footprint on your production space.


The AF-PLT Gantry Robot Palletizing System is a perfect solution for handling your palletizing operations. Pallet dispensers and slip sheet inserters can also be included.

Product Accumulators

Looking to improve efficiencies when downstream production line problems occur? AFA’s Product Accumulators can help your line continue to be productive even during downstream machinery troubleshooting.

Other Products and Services

We do offer several other products and services such as PMMI Certified Training, Machine Rebuilds, Guarding Packages, Spare Parts, and more.

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