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Below are the different end load/side load case packer models that AFA offers. Please note that AFA can customize each side load/end load case packer to your specifications. Our end load case packers feature the innovate gantry robot case erecting system. This case erecting system ensures that cases are erected efficiently without tabs or marks.

CP-QCS – Servo Size Changeover Case Packer

The CP-QCS Case Packer features push button, no tool, quick change over technology. The operator simply enters the desired dimensions on the control panel and the CP-QCS Case Packer will automatically change over. The CP-QCS also features AFA’s gantry robot case erecting technology. 

Servo Size Change Over Case Packer

MP-CCP – Compact Intermittent Motion Case Packer

The MP-CCP Compact Case Packer features a compact design that can easily integrate into your production line. The MP-CCP’s easy to use HMI screens will allow operators to easily troubleshoot faults and ensure smooth operation.

TR-QCP – Transrector™ Series Robotic Case Packer

The TR-QCP Case Packer features a case transporting system never before seen in the case packing industry. The TR-QCP Case Packer does not require lugs and chains to complete the case erection, loading, gluing and sealing process.

HP-CMC – High-Speed Continuous Motion End Load Case Packer

The HP-CMC – High-Speed Case Packer provides innovative case packing for your production line. This high-speed case packer features a rotary case erector that can reach speeds of 70 cases per minute. Depalletizers can also be integrated into this robust case packer. 

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