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AFA Systems openly provides our customers with packaging machinery information to help with decisions on their end of line operations. Whether you’re looking for an extensive list of brochures, articles that will increase your knowledge on end of line machinery, or education on packaging systems, we’ve got you covered.


View the latest news updates as well as a catalog of previous articles. These updates feature news on AFA’s latest packaging machinery developments, new trade show announcements, and more. 

VC-VCA - Vertical Autoload Cartoner


View a complete list of AFA Systems’ products and services line. Our brochures cover technical specifications on AFA Systems’ cartoners, case packers, case erectors, and other end of line machinery. 


Please use our available references to enhance your knowledge about end of line packaging systems. These references will aid you in your decision-making process related to packaging machinery purchases. 

Machinery Education

Available to you are different articles designed to help you increase your knowledge in regards to end of line packaging machinery. See articles on complex end of line packaging machinery problems and the solutions to solve these problems.

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