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Tray Formers and Carton Formers are essential machines for your production line. AFA Systems’ tray formers and carton formers are robust machines that produce strong and square trays and cartons that help increase customer satisfaction and reduce line downtime. AFA’s tray and carton formers typically use mandrel heads to plow the tray or carton through a series of folding rails.

Below are the different tray and carton former models that AFA offers. Please note that AFA can customize each machine to your specifications.

CE-ABI – Compact Auto-Bottom Carton Erector and Indexer

The CE-ABI – Auto-Bottom Carton Former is a compact carton erector that can handle auto-bottom cartons with ease. All major drives of this Auto-Bottom Carton Former are servo-driven, allowing for smooth and quiet operation. Dual magazines and feeders are available for higher speed operation.

Auto-Bottom Carton Erector

CF-GTE – Glue Style Tray/Carton Former

The CF-GTE – Glue Style Tray/Carton Former offers an easy carton/tray blank loading magazine. The magazine of this Glue Style Tray/Carton Former can be on a vertical/horizontal orientation and the cartons/trays can be easily loaded at an ergonomic level.

CF-IGS – Inline Glue Style Carton Former and Top Sealer

The CF-IGS – Inline Glue Style Carton Former and Top Sealer is an innovative carton and top sealing machine that is highly reliable and compact. This Carton Former and Top Sealer can form and seal pulp paper egg cartons with ease. A robust frame allows for 24/7 continuous operation. 

CF-RTS – Corrugated Robotic Tray Former 

The CF-RTS features compact tray forming that can function at high speeds. The tray former utilizes a gantry robot to form trays through the female tool at high-efficiency rates.

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