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Robotic Systems can help make your production line more efficient and flexible. AFA has partnered with Codian Robotics to provide a wide variety of robotic solutions for your packaging needs. Robotic systems can quickly and accurately orient and pack the most difficult product applications. Some examples of difficult product applications include packing trays of stick pack gum or orienting granola bars. In addition, robotic systems can be flexible to handle multiple product applications.

Below are the different robotic models that AFA offers. Please note that AFA can customize each machine to your specifications.

AF-DLT – Delta 3 High-Speed Pick and Place Robot

A product of AFA’s research and development, the AF-DLT is a flexible solution for your packaging needs. Integrated with AFA’s proven packaging technology, the AF-DLT can easily mount on existing systems or new systems. No need to have service support from a third party robotics supplier, all service support is through AFA Systems. 

Delta 3 High-Speed Pick and Place

Fanuc – LR Mate 200iC/5H 5-Axis Robot

The Fanuc LR Mate 200iC/5H can eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly fixed automation. This robot can to eliminate errors with an integrated vision for in-line process verification. AFA’s cartoning and case packing solutions can seamlessly integrate the Fanuc – LR Mate. 

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