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Feeders and denestors can be used for a variety of applications. Typical applications include placing and fastening lids on trays, placing and orienting trays onto conveyors, placing leaflets inside cases, cartons, or sleeves, and closing and fastening lids attached to trays.

Below are the different feeder and denestor models that AFA offers. Please note that AFA can customize each machine to your specifications.

RF-RCE – Reciprocating Motion Carton Erector

The RF-RCE – Reciprocating Motion Carton Erector can seamlessly integrate into production lines to provide simple carton erection for auto-bottom cartons. The system provides a small footprint to integrate into your production line seamlessly. 

Reciprocating Carton Erector

RF-TDN – Reciprocating Tray Denestor

The servo driven RF-TDN – Reciprocating Tray Denestor provides customers with an efficient and ergonomic pick and place feeder. The unique dual-head pinch gripper can be designed to handle a wide variety of trays, clam-shells, coupons, cards and applications unique to your project.

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