AF-DLT – Delta 3 High Speed Pick and Place Robot

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A result of AFA’s research and development, the AF-DLT Delta 3 is a flexible solution for your packaging needs. Integrated with AFA’s proven packaging technology, the AF-DLT can easily mount on existing systems or new systems. Also, with AFA’s integrated vision system there is no need for the product to be conveyed uniformly. Allen Bradley controls and servos are standard on this system for accurate pick and placements and high speeds. High flexibility allows you to handle a wide range of products, including stick packs, flowwrap product, cartons, sachets, and many others. Designed and Manufactured by Codian Robotics, this ensures that the system will be designed to seamlessly integrate into existing packaging lines or an AFA built machine.

The AF-DLT main product applications are shown below:
  • Carton & Tray Loading
  • Case packing
  • Stand-up bags and pouches
  • Specialty items
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Clamshells

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