CP-TRS – Integrated Tray Packer and Shrink Bundler

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The CP-TRS – Integrated Tray Packer and Shrink Bundler is an all servo tray packer that is an innovation solution for your production line. Servo starwheel turners can ensure your carton is in the correct orientation before loading. Also, the starwheels incur a limited footprint to minimize the need for additional conveyor. Allen Bradley Servo motors on major axis points can ensure quick changeover in less than five minutes. A Flat Stack Magazine is very ergonomic and will automatically adjust for different tray sizes. A shrink bundler can be easily integrated for a turnkey solution. The CP-TRS is a perfect solution for your tray packing requirements.

The CP-TRS main product features are shown below:
  • PLC controls with PanelView touch screen operator station
  • Modular design allows for simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance.
  • A wide variety of automatic infeed systems can be added at a future date.
  • Only manual changeover feature on the system is adjusting the end effector on the tray erector
  • Remote fault diagnostics can be included on the CP-TRS

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