MK-IWS – Intermittent Motion Wrap Around Packer

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The MK-IWS – Intermittent Motion Wrap Around Packer is a compact packaging solution for large wrap around trays. The system features a unique glue system that allows long strips of adhesive to be applied to non-moving trays. The glue gun is located on a linear rail that actuates when the tray is in position. The system provides a dual push-button cycle station for operators. The dual-push buttons ensure that operator’s hands are away from moving parts during cycling. The system also features optional casters for easy transportation.

The MK-IWS main product features are shown below:
  • PLC controls with AB PanelView operator station
  • Modular design allows for simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance
  • A wide variety of automatic infeed systems can be added at a future date
  • “No tools” fine tuning, with quick release ratchet handles on key adjustment points which provides quick changeover
  • Stainless steel panel construction and U.H.M.W. chain rails

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