The MK-APS – Automatic Product Handling System, with the labour-saving speed and convenience of automatic packaging, adds the efficiency of automated product handling and loading systems. Custom engineered to your product, the MK-APS can use a number of different infeed systems to help solve your automation problems. Previous applications include rolls of product loaded into tubs, special window style cartons, and automated assembly systems. The efficient design of the MK-APS is complete with all safety features and no carton-no load interlocks.

Key Features

Servo Driven Rotary Carton Feeder

Provides easy setup and changeover.

Custom Designed Infeed System

AFA's engineers can custom design an innovative infeed system.

Allen Bradley PLC

MicroLogix or CompactLogix PLC are available on the MK-APS.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Easy Set Up and Changeover

Easily changeover and set up different carton sizes.

Optional Features

Extended Magazines

Limits operator intervention.

Stacked Chain Arrangement

Allows for small depth cartons.

Overhead Squaring Chain

Ensures cartons with long widths are accurately squared, improving overall packaging quality.

Prebreak Carton Opening

Handles square cartons with ease as the carton will be prebroken slightly before placement into the main chain conveyor.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows extremely quick changeover.


Bags of Product

The MK-APS is an ideal solution for unique bag-in-box applications.

Stick Packs

The MK-APS has the ability to run tubes and cartons on the same machine.

Vacuum Sealed Product

Seamlessly integrates with upstream automatic vacuum packaging systems.

Pouches of Product

Multi-packs or single packs, the MK-APS can handle either configuration.

Flow Wrap Product

Seamlessly integrate your upstream flow-wrappers with the MK-APS.

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