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The HD-LSP – Heavy Duty Linear Servopack Autoload Cartoner is a robust cartoner that can handle high-speed applications with ease. Capable of handling over 500 products per minute, the HD-LSP incorporates the patent-pending Sure-Load carton closing system. The Sure-Load is a carton closing rail system that ensures product does not have the opportunity to fall out of the carton during flap closing operation. With this feature, you can run multi-pack cartons at a very high-speed without the fear of falling product.

An open frame construction improves operator visibility and aids in fault diagnostics. Servo technology on the HD-LSP ensures smooth operation and reduced maintenance. A heavy-duty frame allows this cartoner to run 24/7 operation. With the ability to handle bags, pouches, flow-wraps, and many other applications, the HD-LSP provides the ultimate flexibility for your all cartoning needs.

Key Features

Linear Servopack Infeed System

Handle speeds at over 500 ppm with smooth operation.

Loading Funnels with Overhead Confiners

Loading Funnels with servo driven pushers end load product into the carton.

Pick, Group and Load End Effector

Innovative end effector to pick, group, and load to ensure product is on the correct pitch.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Easily troubleshoot machine problems, track machine performance, and set-up new sizes.

Speed Up Belt Conveyor with Air Blow Reject

Infeed conveyor allows for a combination air blow off reject and speed up belt for accurate timing into the flights.

Optional Features

Sure-Load™ Carton Closing

Ensures product will not fall out of the carton during high-speed indexing.

Stacked Chain Arrangement

Allows for small depth cartons improving overall flexibility.

Overhead Squaring Chain

Ensures cartons with long widths are accurately squared, improving overall packaging quality.

Prebreak Carton Opening

Handles square cartons with ease as the carton will be prebroken slightly before placement into the main chain conveyor.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows extremely quick changeover.


Bars of Product

Multi-packs can easily be handled at speeds over 520 ppm.

Snack Foods

Customized infeed systems with ability to handle a wide variety of snack food products.

Health Products

This cartoner can be designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Stick Packs

High-speed intermittent motion without the risk of stick packs falling out.

Flow Wrap Product

Seamlessly integrate your upstream flow-wrappers.

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