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The MK-SML – Servo Manual Load Cartoner is a servo-driven cartoner that can quickly bring value to your production line. The MK-SML features a double operator station to allow for high manual load packaging speeds. Paperboard cartons; regular, full, or economy flaps; fine flute corrugated; glue, seal, or tuck cartons – the MK-SML cartoner handles these cartons with ease. Nordson ProBlue adhesive unit provides accurate glue application on carton flaps. Tuck option is available for tuck style cartons. Allen Bradley controls, and servo drives provide smooth operator control, easy setup and changeover, and accurate fault diagnostic capabilities. The MK-SML also includes a “No Product/No Carton/No Load” feature to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Stainless steel construction and full safety guarding are standard.

Additional equipment can be easily integrated into the system, such as labelers, printers, bar code readers, and more. This servo-driven cartoner also can feature a carton prebreak to handle square cartons. An Allen Bradley CompactLogix control system is standard on this robust cartoner.

Key Features

Servo Driven Rotary Carton Feeder

Provides easy setup and changeover.

High-Speed Manual Loading Operation

Can allow you to manually load product at high speeds.

Allen Bradley PLC

MicroLogix or CompactLogix PLC are available.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Easily troubleshoot machine problems, track machine performance, and set-up new sizes.

Easy Set Up and Changeover

Easily changeover and set up different carton sizes.

Optional Features


Casters allow the MK-SML to be easily moved and stored when needed.

Wash-down Construction

Can be easily constructed using stainless steel or equivalent for wash-down capability.

Mounting Locations for Optional Equipment

Code daters, ink/laser jet printers, and bar code readers can all be mounted on the MK-SML.

Glue or Tuck Closure

Can be set up to handle glue or tuck closures.

Quick Changeover Options

Siko counters, ratchet handles, and visual scales can all be added to aid in changeover.


Bags of Product

The MK-SML is an ideal solution for high-speed bag in box applications.

Blister Packs

The MK-SML is an ideal solution for blister pack running at 80 cpm or lower.

Vacuum Sealed Product

Can seamlessly integrate with upstream automatic vacuum packaging systems.

Pouches of Product

Multi-packs or single packs, the MK-SML can handle either configuration.

Flow Wrap Product

Seamlessly integrate your upstream flow-wrappers with the MK-SML.

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