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The CE-CEB – Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer is an excellent addition to your production line. The CE-CEB will automatically erect a case and then seal the case bottom. You have the option of either hot melt glue or tape closure. In addition, the compact design of the CE-CEB can allow for flexibility when integrating the system into your production line to meet customer requests. Furthermore, the CE-CEB will erect difficult corrugated cases with ease and with minimal rejections. Stainless steel construction provides longevity and a clean look. Easily maintainable and fast and accurate changeover are standard on the CE-CEB. Add value to your production line with the CE-CEB.

The system also comes complete with Allen Bradley Controls and PLC. Also, the compact case erector features category three safety with automatic e-stop after guard doors are opened. The case erector can feature casters for improved portability. 


Key Features

Reciprocating Carton Feeder

Positively erects cases on bottom sealer.

Small Footprint

The ultra compact CE-CEB allows you to save valuable floor space.

Allen Bradley PLC

MicroLogix PLC is available on the CE-CEB.

Allen Bradley Light Tower

Red for down situations, yellow for low level magazine, green for normal operation.

Low Level Magazine

Magazine sensor included to indicate low-level magazine.

Optional Features


Casters allow the CE-CEB to be easily moved and stored when needed.

Wash-down Construction

The CE-CEB can be constructed using stainless steel or equivalent for wash-down capability.

Virtual Private Network

Allow programmers to access the PLC to complete remote troubleshooting activities.

Glue or Tape Closure

The CE-CEB can be set up to handle glue or tape closures.

Quick Changeover Options

Siko counters, ratchet handles, and visual scales can all be added to aid in changeover.


Chipboard Cartons

The CE-CEB can erect large sized chipboard cartons.

RSC Cases

Easily erect and bottom seal RSC cases with the CE-CEB.

HSC Cases

Easily erect and bottom seal HSC cases with the CE-CEB.

Auto-bottom Cartons

Erect large sized auto-bottom cartons with the CE-CEB.

Double-Wall RSC

The CE-CEB has been engineered to handle double wall RSCs at high efficiency rates.

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