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The CP-QCS – Servo Size Changeover Case Packer provides the ultimate benefits in case packing flexibility. The CP-QCS is an all servo controlled changeover. With a push of a button all the dimensions on the case and pattern formation are changed. In addition, the CP-QCS incorporates a Flat Stack Magazine and Cartesian Robot case erecting technology. This unique combination eliminates tabs and pins on the magazine for fast and repeatable changeover. Therefore, no adjustment of the tabs and pins is required. The Cartesian Robot case pick and erect system is extremely positive and not susceptible to case damage and warpage due to side seam glue issues. All of these features combine to maximize the CP-QCS overall operating efficiency.

The CP-QCS also features an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC for fast processing and memory to hold over 40 SKUs. The CP-QCS Case Packer can run either glue or tape RSC cases. Numerous options such as extended Flat Stack Magazine™, dual gantry robot case erecting for higher speeds, and VPN remote connection are available. 


Key Features

Gantry Robot Case Erector

Ensures positive picking and erecting for end load applications.

Customized End Load Solutions

AFA can engineer a wide range of loading systems to handle your specific application.

Flat Stack Magazine™

Eliminates tabs and pins on the magazine for fast repeatable changeover with no tweaking or adjustments.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Easily troubleshoot machine problems, track machine performance, and set-up new sizes.

Tape or Glue Closure

The CP-QCS can handle either tape or glue closures.

Optional Features

Optional Support Equipment

Bar code readers, labellers, ink jet printers and much more can be added.

Vision Camera to conform product orientation

To ensure product is correctly oriented before loading into cases.

Customized Infeed Conveyors

Customized infeed conveyors to handle multiple product types.

Extended Flat Stack Magazine™

Can be extended to hold additional case stacks.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows for extremely quick changeover.


Cartons of Product

The CP-QCS can handle cartons of product at speeds of up to 300 cpm.

Bags of Product

Bags of product can be top loaded with the CP-QCS via Gantry robot or Delta 3 robot.

Cans of Product

End load cans of product at speeds over 150 ppm.

Flowwrap Product

Single or two lanes of tubs can be handled by the CP-QCS at high speeds.

VFFS Product

Seamlessly integrate your upstream VFFS (vertical form fill seal machines) with the CP-QCS.

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