RF-TDN – Reciprocating Tray Denestor

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The servo-driven RF-TDN provides customers with an efficient and ergonomic pick and place feeder. It’s unique dual-head pinch gripper can be designed to handle a wide variety of trays, clam shells, coupons, cards and applications unique to your project. The dual head feeder can also allow the RF-TDN to reach speeds of over 100 units per minute and have accurate picks and placements. The RF-TDN can be designed to be stand alone units or be integrated into existing production lines. Changeovers can be completed in under five minutes with the use of adjustable screws. Stainless steel construction comes standard with the RF-TDN.

The RF-TDN main product features are shown below:
  • Sanitary construction allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Full guarding with safety interlocks
  • No tool adjustment to assist in changing over from one tray to another which increases productivity
  • Compact design can save a production floor valuable space and provide flexibility

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