PL-FRB – Pick and Place Fanuc Robotic Palletizer

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The PL-FRB – Pick and Place Robotic Palletizer is a combination of AFA’s extensive knowledge in providing custom engineered solutions and Fanuc’s high end robotic technology. The PL-FRB can be equipped with many different end effectors to handle bags, bundles, cases, trays, bales, etc. Quick changeover is also achievable with this palletizer as end users can store palletizing pack pattern recipes on the HMI to maximize uptime. Moreover, this highly flexible palletizer can seamlessly be integrated into end user’s lines, while complying with the latest safety standards.

Automatic slip sheet inserters and pallet dispensing units are all options available on the PL-FRB. The PL-GRP’s end effector is compatible with vacuum, finger, magnetic and clamp grippers. Allen Bradley’s PanelView 700 and CompactLogix Control System are standard on the PL-FRB allowing for a user-friendly HMI and reliable operation.

Product features are shown below:
  • Rotating end effector
  • PLC controls to accurately palletize product
  • Heavy duty frame to handle high palletizing speeds
  • Large pick memory to handle multiple pallet configurations
  • Counting system to reduce errors
  • High-Speed Palletizing

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