AFA Systems’ featured Used Equipment

Although AFA Systems is a builder of standard and custom design new machinery, there are circumstances where a used piece of machinery may be a better choice. Cost is usually the most important factor and with some vendors, low cost comes with low performance and problems. However, AFA Systems supports what it sells. Every machine is set up and tested with the customer’s product. You will not be left owning an unusable piece of machinery.

AFA Systems Pick and Place
The Servo Driven two axis Pick and Place Top-Loaders are ideally suited for accurate loading of cartons and crates. Smooth movements are guaranteed to ensure low mechanical strain and speeds up to 30 strokes per minute. The unique handling of the row of products ensures perfect loading of cartons and crates, even with difficult products.

Nordale Carton Former
The Nordale Carton Former is a mechanically driven system that forms a wide variety of trays. The system is easily adjustable and retrofitted. The system also includes guarding and has a small footprint.

Assorted Conveyors
AFA Nordale has a wide variety of used conveyors available for instant delivery. The conveyor shown above is VFD driven with adjustable side guides and sensor mounting. Other used conveyors can be seen in the Used Machinery Section.