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The VL-ILC – Intermittent Motion Inline Vertical Cartoner provides case/carton erecting, bottom sealing, top loading and top sealing all on one compact frame. The VL-ILC is suitable for top load applications such as bottles (both glass and plastic), bags, pouches, and wrapped product. Numerous infeed systems can be designed such as pick and place robots (Delta 3 or Gantry), loading funnels, or manual loading.

The VL-ILC has the flexibility to run auto-bottom cartons, corrugated cases, chipboard cartons and more. Heavy duty framing, Allen Bradley Servo Motors and Drives, transparent machine body, and category 3 guarding with safety interlocks are standard on the system.

Key Features

Case/Carton Erecting System

Presents cases/cartons in a vertical orientation for top loading.

Heavy Duty Frame

Ensures stable operation at high speeds and long operating life.

Customized Infeed Systems

Features innovative infeed systems that are suitable for your product application.

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView HMI

Intuitive screens allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more.

One Frame/Multiple Processes

Provides case/carton erecting and bottom sealing, top loading, and top sealing on one monobloc frame.

Optional Features

Extended Magazines

Available to limit operator intervention.

Open Flap Detection

Cartons with open flaps will automatically be rejected off the line.

Wet Environment Construction and Electrics

Can be designed to run in a wet environment.

Auxiliary Equipment

Leaflet feeders, vision cameras, ink/laser jet printers, and more can be integrated.

All Axis Servo Changeover

Push button servo driven changeover technology allows extremely quick changeover.


Bags of Product

High-speed bag applications easily handled by the VL-ILC's autoload module.


Bottles of product can be automatically top loaded for high-speed applications.

Flow-wrapped Product

Seamlessly integrates with upstream flow-wrapping systems.

Jars of Product

Multi-pack jars of product easily handled by the VL-ILC.

Miscellaneous Product

Headphones, water filters, and other difficult to handle products can be top loaded.

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