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The CF-DSS – Dual Side Seam Case Former is an innovative case former from AFA Systems. The CF-DSS uses a mandrel head and guide rails to form cases easily. Furthermore, the forming system is on a vertical orientation, which helps save valuable floor-space. The changeover is easily accomplished by simply removing and replacing the mandrel head and adjusting the guide rails. The key benefit of the CF-DSS is its ability to form the Dual Side Seam Case (DSSC). The DSSC is a revolutionary new case that offers many advantages over RSC’s, including less material used, cost savings of up to 20%, and a stronger bottom for increased product safety.

The compact case former features Allen Bradley controls and servo motors for smooth operation. The case former comes standard with a VPN to provide remote diagnostics and limit overall service costs. The CF-DSS can seamlessly integrate with end of line packaging lines with optional discharge conveyors. 


Key Features

Vertical Forming Head

Servo driven forming tool provides smooth operation and easy changeover.

Small Footprint

The ultra compact CF-DSS allows you to save valuable floor space.

Horizontal Easy Loading Magazine

Horizontal easy load magazine is very ergonomic and can hold a large volume of DSSCs.

The DSSC Case

Less material used, cost savings of up to 20%, and stronger bottom for increased product safety compared to RSC cases.

High-Speed Operation

Vertical forming head allows for high-speed operation.

Optional Features


Casters allow the CF-DSS to be easily moved and stored when needed.

Wash-down Construction

The CF-DSS can be constructed using stainless steel or equivalent for wash-down capability.

Swing Arm OP Station

Swing arm operator station gives operators better optics when troubleshooting.

Mounting Locations for Optional Equipment

Code daters, ink/laser jet printers, and bar code readers can all be integrated.

Quick Changeover Options

Siko counters, ratchet handles, and visual scales can all be added to aid in changeover.

Key Features of CE-GRT

DSSC Cases

The CF-DSS has been engineered to handle DSSC cases at high efficiency rates.

Bags of Product

Can integrate with Delta 3 or Gantry Robots for top loading bags of product.

Cans of Product

Allow the CF-DSS to provide square cases for top loading cans of product.

Chipboard DSSCs

Erect large sized chipboard DSSCs with the CF-DSS.

Double-Wall DSSCs

The CF-DSS has been engineered to handle double wall DSSCs at high efficiency rates.

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