A Brief Report on AFA Systems’ Vision System Technology

Over the years, AFA Nordale has taken on projects where accurate inspection of the product was needed before the product was discharged. This procedure is prominent in the pharmaceutical and food industry as the slightest mistake could lead to serious consequences for manufacturers. For instance, a user of medications could suffer serious health consequences if a package is wrongly labeled. Thus, a vision system can help promote total product integrity by being able to detect missing segments, stained, and misplaced codes while ensuring correct lot number and expiry date number on each product. Furthermore, vision systems can be used to detect open flaps, misplaced product, cap and leaflet inspection, missing labels and other applications.

Vision System Technology
Through partnerships with world class suppliers such as Cognex and Banner, AFA has been able to integrate vision system technology into its product lines. This integration has allowed AFA to obtain orders with numerous pharmaceutical and food companies such as Opti Medical Systems Inc., Patheon Inc., and Johnvince Foods. Thus, vision system technology is proving to be a successful integration for AFA’s product lines and will continue well into the future.